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Accused or Convicted of a Crime as an Immigrant?

Portraying immigrants as dangerous criminals holds an unfortunate cachet among certain political groups in this country. As a result, honest and hardworking individuals are often made to suffer unfairly within the American criminal justice system. For legal immigrants, a criminal conviction carries with it the added weight of potential deportation and stigmatization within their communities. Read More

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Challenging a DUI Charge in Nevada

It is particularly important to have proper legal representation if you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Nevada. According to state statutes, DUI arrests necessitate two separate hearings: one in which you are responsible for answering for the DUI charges and another in which your status as a Read More

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Expunging a Conviction from Your Record

Having a conviction expunged from your record allows you to legally declare that said conviction does not exist when filling out job applications, leases and certain legal documents. However, if you need to fill out an application that requires a higher level of scrutiny into your criminal record, such as with government jobs, certain certifications Read More

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Vandalism and Graffiti in Nevada is Strictly Enforced

For all of its scenic and historical landmarks, Nevada is a beautiful place to live or to visit. In an effort to preserve the iconic scenery of our state, Nevada has passed some of the most restrictive and severe vandalism laws in the United States. Offense that may be considered minor in other parts of Read More

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Shoplifting: A Serious Offense

While a shoplifting offense will never rate as the crime of the century, it does carry with it some serious consequences and you should avoid conviction at all costs.  If you are an immigrant, shoplifting carries with it adverse immigration consequences because it will be considered a crime involving moral turpitude. In Nevada, merchants have the Read More

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Withdrawing a Plea Post-Conviction

In most cases, the courts are unwilling to allow defendants to withdraw a plea following a conviction. However, there are certain circumstances under which a court will allow a defendant to have a plea withdrawn from the record. Typically, the time in which a defendant is allowed to change a plea of guilty, guilty but Read More

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Technology Changing the Face of Identity Fraud

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a weapon in its arsenal against identity fraud that has been met with mixed feelings from state residents. Facial recognition technology is allowing the DMV to spot fraudulent identifications at unprecedented rates, but the potential limitations of the software have some citizens concerned. Facial recognition technology can Read More

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Nevada Drug Laws vs. Federal Drug Laws

Although the state of Nevada has a reputation for leniency in the prosecution of crimes like public intoxication and prostitution, the same does not hold true with regard to illegal drugs. In fact, Nevada’s drug laws are some of the harshest in the country, and there’s really not a huge difference in the penalties associated Read More

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What Happens When Someone Accuses You of Domestic Violence?

An accusation of domestic violence can carry with it some very serious consequences, particularly if you are a legal immigrant. One of the potential outcomes of a domestic violence conviction for a legal immigrant is deportation, which makes it especially important for immigrants to seek strong legal representation if they find themselves accused of such Read More

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How Can a DUI Affect Your Immigrant Status?

Nevada law enforcement officials take DUI offenses very seriously. A drunk driving conviction can lead to up to six months in jail and fines amounting to $1,000. However, for legal immigrants, the stakes can be even higher. The good news is that a single DUI offense that doesn’t result in injury does not meet the Read More

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