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Accused or Convicted of a Crime as an Immigrant?

Portraying immigrants as dangerous criminals holds an unfortunate cachet among certain political groups in this country. As a result, honest and hardworking individuals are often made to suffer unfairly within the American criminal justice system.

For legal immigrants, a criminal conviction carries with it the added weight of potential deportation and stigmatization within their communities. They are held to a higher standard of behavior without receiving the benefit of praise, and at the same time, they are issued a higher degree of punishment for even minor legal transgressions.

Longitudinal studies have shown that immigrants are far less likely to break the laws of this nation than its naturalized citizens. However, legal immigrants serve as the easy stand-in for the national characterization of a “criminal element.” And while violent and property crimes have decreased significantly over the past 20 years, it serves certain politicians to scare people into thinking that both undocumented and legal immigrants are somehow making us all less safe.

Unfortunately, this issue has impacted thousands of families throughout Nevada, many of whom have had to suffer extreme consequences. One simple mistake rarely comes with just a slap on the wrist to the folks who are trying to build a successful life for themselves here in the United States.

If you are a legal immigrant accused of a crime, it’s important to secure effective legal representation. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, shoplifting or domestic violence, a skilled lawyer can provide you with thorough counsel throughout your legal struggles. And when your legal status in this country hangs in the balance, you need to work with a legal professional you can really trust


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